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Roddy Reef Praised For Years Of Contributions to Denver-Area Charities

Commercial construction specialist Roddy Reef shares a personal look at his charitable efforts as he’s praised for his philanthropy.

From the Shining Stars Foundation to Active 20-30 International, Roddy Reef has supported a range of good causes for a number of years. Celebrated locally for his efforts, philanthropic construction expert Roddy offers a closer look at just some of the many charities which he and his wife support in and around Denver and Colorado Springs.

“It’s important to my family and me that we give back to the community wherever possible,” explains Denver-based commercial construction specialist Roddy Reef, speaking from the home he shares with his wife and their two dogs.

Colorado native Roddy Reef has recently been praised by the local community for his philanthropic endeavors, selflessly backing organizations ranging from Project Angel Heart to Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver.

Based in Colorado, Project Angel Heart prepares and delivers medically tailored meals to individuals living with life-threatening illnesses, according to the construction expert. “My wife and I are proud and longstanding sponsors of the charity,” says Reef, “which has locations in both Denver and Colorado Springs.”

The project, the commercial construction specialist goes on to reveal, is just one of the various incredible charities and other initiatives supported by himself and his wife. The couple is also proud supporters of the Shining Stars Foundation, a Colorado-based nonprofit providing recreational programs to children living with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

Elsewhere, Roddy Reef has provided considerable support to Active 20-30 International. “Active 20-30 International is a global initiative,” Reef explains, “focused on helping children and developing leadership skills in younger adults.”

Outside of his support for Project Angel Heart, the Shining Stars Foundation, and Active 20-30 International, Roddy Reef has further demonstrated his charitable nature by sponsoring a range of fundraising events, including a popular local golf tournament held to raise awareness of the impact of traumatic brain injuries. “It’s crucial that we continue to make known the devastating impact that traumatic brain injuries can have on those affected,” says Roddy.

Commercial construction specialist Roddy Reef is a graduate of the University of Denver – a leading independent private research university and the oldest institution of its kind in the Rocky Mountain Region. Reef graduated from the university with a bachelor’s degree in real estate and construction over three decades ago.

Other events and activities backed by the University of Denver alumnus Roddy Reef include charity polo matches and a popular duck race that takes place periodically to support local good causes in his area, such as Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver.

Roddy Reef boasts a long history of commercial construction success. The construction specialist and University of Denver graduate is highly praised by his peers for his ability to develop strong working relationships with clients and for his capacity to ensure always-on-time and on-budget project delivery. Committed to a team approach from pre-construction to completion, building projects overseen by Roddy Reef during the last three decades range in value from $30,000 to more than $3 million.

Outside of his professional endeavors and charitable efforts, Roddy Reef also volunteers as part of a local ski patrol initiative, proudly helping to keep outdoor enthusiasts safe year-round.

Philanthropist Roddy Reef Discusses the Annual Operation TBI Freedom Golf Tournament

Philanthropist Roddy Reef recently discussed the annual Operation TBI Freedom golf tournament and its community benefits.

Traumatic brain injuries can greatly affect the daily lives of those who experience them. Unfortunately, roughly 414,000 U.S. service members have reported traumatic brain injuries in the last 20 years. More than 185,000 of them are Veterans who use the VA for health care. Philanthropist Roddy Reef feels strongly about improving the lives of these veterans, and that’s why he’s a major sponsor of the Operation TBI Freedom charity golf tournament.

Also known as the Valor Golf Classic, this golf tournament put on by Operation TBI Freedom, provides thousands of dollars of assistance to Veterans struggling with service-related traumatic brain injuries. Roddy Reef explained that 100 percent of the proceeds from the tournament are used to directly benefit Veterans and their families.

Operation TBI Freedom is a Rocky Mountain Human Services program that was created to provide a variety of services to Veterans, military personnel, and their families. All of the veterans and military personnel aided by the program have been affected by a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Roddy Reef explained that the program supplies far more than medical care services. It helps advocate for Veterans’ health benefits and medical care while also offering housing solutions, counseling, family education, legal assistance, and more.

“This incredible program goes above and beyond in caring for Veterans who risked it all for our freedom,” Roddy Reef said. “Through the program, Veterans can receive mental health services, employment support, and even assistive technology. The goal is to make life easier for Veterans suffering from TBIs and their families.”

Roddy Reef added that the annual Valor Golf Classic is one that Colorado residents and visitors from around the country anticipate every year. The event provides a fun, lighthearted atmosphere to provide funding for those who may not enjoy as many lighthearted moments as often as they should.

“Returning to civilian life with a TBI can be extremely challenging,” Roddy Reef said. “This program strives to give our Veterans the independence they deserve.”

Roddy Reef explained that 7,200 Veterans return from combat with traumatic brain injuries in the state of Colorado alone. Those eligible for assistance from Operation TBI Freedom include Veterans who reside in Colorado, have served in a military branch on or following Sept. 11, 2001, and have a traumatic brain injury that occurred after the start of military service.

“I urge every who has even a little extra to spare to visit the website and donate,” Roddy Reef finished. “Every donation directly impacts the life of someone who suffered a TBI while defending our country.”

Roddy Reef Highlights Incredible Work of Active 20-30 International

Philanthropic construction manager Roddy Reef showcases the work of international service club, Active 20-30.

Founded in 1922, Active 20-30 International is focused on supporting the world’s children and helping to develop crucial leadership skills in a new generation of young adults. The organization’s U.S and Canada arm, which now has more than 50 local chapters, is supported by charitable and philanthropic individuals such as Roddy Reef, a successful construction manager from Colorado, who here reveals more about the incredible work undertaken by the global initiative.

“Active 20-30 is a global initiative which operates under the Active 20-30 International umbrella,” explains Roddy Reef. In the United States and Canada, the organization is widely referred to simply as the Active 20-30 Club, he goes on to point out, and supports kids and young adults through chapters located in his home city of Denver, plus Glendale, Greater Sacramento, Napa, Phoenix, Redding, Scottsdale, Tucson, and elsewhere across North America. In Hispanic America, meanwhile, the same group is known as Activo 20-30 Internacional, according to Reef, where it boasts a further 60 or more chapters.

Both the Active 20-30 Club of North America, Roddy says, and Activo 20-30 Internacional form part of a global group known as the WOCO Foundation. “The WOCO Foundation,” the construction manager reveals, “is a collective international commitment to a socially better future.”

The international foundation’s goal, it says, is to enable more than one million children and their families to live and enjoy a better life. Active 20-30 International’s own goal, at the same time, Roddy Reef reports, is to provide young adults with a wealth of opportunities both now and in the future. “Active 20-30 International’s mission statement,” he adds, “reads, ‘Providing young adults with an opportunity for personal growth, friendship and leadership development while improving the quality of life for the special needs children in our community.’”

Outside of his construction industry work and other philanthropic efforts, Roddy Reef has lent considerable support to the organization, including arranging regular events such as polo matches and popular local duck races. In the latter instance, his chapter of the Active 20-30 Club aims to raise much-needed funds for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver.

Just two of numerous other charities supported by Roddy Reef, his local Boys & Girls Clubs provide kids with opportunities that help them grow, much like Active 20-30, but, in this instance, also specifically to achieve academic success, and to take charge of their health.

Further charities and good causes generously backed by Roddy Reef and his family include the Shining Stars Foundation, a Colorado-based nonprofit that provides recreational programs for children living with cancer, and Project Angel Heart. Project Angel Heart, which is sponsored by Reef and his wife, prepares and delivers medically tailored meals to individuals living with life-threatening illnesses in Denver and Colorado Springs.

In addition to his organizational efforts with the Active 20-30 Club of Denver, Roddy Reef has also sponsored a number of other charitable events—including a popular golf tournament held to raise awareness and support surrounding traumatic brain injuries—and is a proud member of a local volunteer ski patrol in his spare time.

Roddy Reef

Philanthropist Roddy Reef Discusses the Denver Active 20-30 Children’s Foundation and How It Aids Denver Kids

Philanthropist Roddy Reef discusses his participation in the Denver Active 20-30 Children’s Foundation and how it aids Denver kids.

Studies show that most people are more philanthropic in their older years, specifically between the ages of 61 and 75. However, that’s not necessarily the case in Denver. The Denver Active 20-30 Children’s Foundation, also known as DA20-30, is one driven by men in their 20s and 30s. Roddy Reef, a former member of the group, recently discussed how this group is changing the lives of Denver kids daily.

The Denver Active 20-30 Children’s Foundation is a non-profit organization composed of young men, who spend their spare time raising money for under-served youth in the Denver area. Roddy Reef explained that the mission of the group is to aid the city’s most marginalized communities, which are those living in poverty or experiencing the negative effects of economic, social, and health disparities. The group pulls together world-class fundraisers to raise money and provide opportunities for kids in these areas.

“The DA20-30 organization is an outstanding one,” Roddy Reef said. “The fundraisers are carefully designed to be as engaging as possible, ultimately resulting in more money for the kids in need.”

Roddy Reef explained that the fundraisers held by the DA20-30 organization feature top-tier locations, unrivaled fun, and five-star service. Roddy Reef explained that events can range from polo matches and duck races to golf tournaments, barn parties, fight nights, and hockey games. He stated that the DA20-30 organization has been perfecting its fundraisers for 34 years, and the events are ones Denver citizens anticipate.

“Denver Active 20-30 raises more than $1 million every year for Denver children in need,” Roddy Reef explained. “One-hundred percent of the proceeds received at most events are donated to the DA2-30.”

Roddy Reef explained that at the end of every year, the group reviews grant applications and distributes the money earned to the charities most at need. The organization has formed decades-long relationships with Denver charities supporting marginalized youth, ensuring that every donation dollar is used to its fullest potential. Denver charities can apply for grants by submitting their information via an online form, but it’s important to note that the organization’s application review process is as rigorous as its event planning process.

“The Denver Active 20-30 Children’s Foundation clearly helps marginalized Denver Youth in numerous ways,” Roddy Reef concluded. “However, it aids Denver men in their 20s and 30s just as much.”

Roddy Reef explained that, many times, men in their 20s and 30s are most concerned with socializing with friends and whatever makes them happy in the moment. The Denver Active 20-30 group gives men in this age range a way to contribute something positive to society. In turn, this boosts their understanding of their surrounding community, self-esteem, and self worth. Roddy Reef suggests every man in his 20s or 30s consider joining the Denver Active 20-30 Children’s Foundation to aid Denver youth and themselves too.


Philanthropist Roddy Reef Discusses How Project Angel Heart Is Helping Coloradans in Need

Philanthropist Roddy Reef recently discussed how Project Angel Heart works to help Coloradans in need.

Project Angel Heart has been aiding Coloradans for nearly 30 years. The organization, founded in 1991, is aimed toward residents of the state who are battling life-threatening illnesses. Many times, these are people who are too sick to go to the grocery store, or they’re struggling to afford food alongside the cost of medication. Roddy Reef and his family are strong supporters of Project Angel Heart, and he recently discussed what the organization is currently doing to help those who are ill within the state of Colorado.

Roddy Reef explained that Project Angel Heart is run by a team of volunteers. They prepare and deliver meals that are medically-tailored to the patient’s needs. The organization features registered dietitians and professional chefs who prepare delicious, healthy meals from scratch. Once the meal leaves the chef’s hands, it is delivered by a volunteer to the person in need, completely free of charge.
In 2019 alone, Project Angel Heart delivered roughly 500,000 meals to 3,000 people in need in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas. The goal is to make the lives of those in need easier and less stressful. Another aspect is to provide them with meals that can actually help improve their health. Roddy Reef explained that the people being helped by the organization have reported less stress, superior health, and more energy than they felt before entering the program.
“Research has shown that those who receive food from Project Angel Heart are readmitted to the hospital less often and have lower healthcare costs,” Roddy Reef said.

Roddy Reef explained that this organization does far more than simply provide food to those in need. The goal is to provide food as medicine, and ultimately, help these people enjoy happier, healthier, stronger lives. It can be difficult for people with illnesses, like cancer, Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS, and more to understand exactly what their body needs to feel healthier and stronger. The expert dietitians at Project Angel Heart take that worry about the equation by specifically tailoring the meals to each particular illness.

“There are a lot of ways to give to this charity,” Roddy Reef said. “You can donate online, make recurring monthly donations, join the giving club, or help in a variety of other ways.”

Roddy Reef explained that Project Angel Heart can always use more assistance, and there are dozens of ways to give to the charity, ranging from sponsoring a single meal to creating your own fundraiser. Roddy Reef and his wife are regular meal sponsors, and he hopes that by informing the public about this one-of-a-kind charity, some others will feel compelled to give too. He explained that the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly increased the number of patients in need of medically-tailored meals, and your donation can help now more than ever.

Roddy Reef Continues Proud Sponsorship of Project Angel Heart

Commercial construction specialist Roddy Reef shares the vital work of Project Angel Heart as he continues to back the incredible Colorado-based charity.

Based in Colorado, Project Angel Heart prepares and delivers medically tailored meals to individuals living with life-threatening illnesses. A proud sponsor of the charity, which has locations in both Denver and Colorado Springs, construction specialist Roddy Reef provides a closer look at Project Angel Heart and its incredible work in the community.

“Each week, Project Angel Heart’s professional chefs prepare thousands of delicious meals from scratch,” explains Roddy Reef, speaking from the Colorado home he shares with his wife and their two German shepherd dogs. Every meal, Reef goes on to reveal, is carefully tailored to meet the exacting medical and dietary needs of those who the charity serves.

Both Roddy Reef and his wife are longstanding supporters of Project Angel Heart. Sponsors such as the couple help to provide life-saving, medically tailored meals to those in the community facing a life-threatening diagnosis. “People are also invited to share love and hope,” says Roddy Reef, “by volunteering with Project Angel Heart in the kitchen, delivering meals, or helping out in a variety of other important ways.”

Backed by generous sponsors such as Roddy Reef, Project Angel Heart’s impact has been considerable. Within Denver and Colorado Springs, medically tailored meals have led to a 13 percent decrease in hospital readmissions, according to the construction specialist. Total medical costs for patients with, for example, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and diabetes, meanwhile, have also decreased by 24 percent, he reports. “It’s a truly incredible organization,” adds Reef.

Individuals living with life-threatening illnesses in Colorado, Roddy Reef says, may apply to have delicious, medically tailored meals delivered to their homes quickly and easily online via the Project Angel Heart website.

Roddy Reef is a hard-working and adaptable manager with a long record of commercial construction experience. Reef, of Denver, Colorado, is known by his peers for developing strong working relationships with clients and, in particular, for always-on-time and on-budget project delivery. Committed to a team approach for each project from pre-construction to completion, Roddy Reef boasts an extensive list of completed construction projects over the last three decades, ranging in value from $30,000 to more than $3 million.

Project Angel Heart is just one of several incredible charities and other initiatives supported by University of Denver alumnus Roddy Reef. Reef graduated from the independent private research university—the oldest in the Rocky Mountain Region—with a bachelor’s degree in real estate and construction over 35 years ago.

Outside of his construction industry work, and alongside Project Angel Heart, Roddy Reef has also lent considerable support to Active 20-30 International, a global initiative focused on helping children and developing leadership skills in younger adults, and the Shining Stars Foundation, a Colorado-based nonprofit that provides recreational programs for children living with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. “I’ve also sponsored a number of charitable events, including a popular golf tournament held to raise awareness and support surrounding traumatic brain injuries and the devastating impact that they can have on those affected,” adds Reef.

Commercial construction specialist Roddy Reef is, he says, also a proud member of a volunteer ski patrol in his free time.

Roddy Reef: Teamwork and Communication in an age of Coronavirus

With many cities reopening their economies as a result of the Coronavirus closures, one construction leader is looking to make a difference in terms of how he runs his business and how he looks to run his business in the future. “It’s all about the teamwork because, at the end of the day, if there is no team then there will be no work”, says Roddy Reef, a construction magnate with over thirty years of experience in the industry. “We faced many roadblocks at the beginning of this situation but we discovered that if we can keep open lines of communication with one another, then we should be able to get through this thing without a problem.”

Roddy Reef’s key to success in the construction industry hinges on successful communication between members of the team at all stages of a particular construction project. “It doesn’t matter if you are in pre-construction or collaborating with the client for some additional post-construction changes, you need to have a strong quality of communication.” Roddy Reef advises. Whether it is through Zoom, Facetime, or any other number of communication tools, Roddy Reef says having a consistent and uniform tool across team members is incredibly important for individual communication and getting the actual job done. “We made sure that every one of our employees had a fully working mobile phone and internet wifi connection.” Roddy Reef says. “If that necessitated going out and getting additional signal boosters then we had no problem with doing that.”

For Roddy Reef, it didn’t just stop with communication. “I think, and I’ve always thought, that communication goes deeper than purely being on the job. My sites operate like large families.” Roddy Reef adds. “With a family, all bets are off and communication becomes a deeper, almost spiritual practice.” Roddy Reef mentions a few of his employees that were directly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic when he speaks about maintaining an open communication portal between employees. “I knew that I would have to take on the role of a chief general for my company as this was wartime within the United States itself. The job was secondary but actually getting what was necessary for my employees to live a good life during this time was one of the roles that I found myself taking on.” During an emergency crisis, it is not surprising for leaders to take on new responsibilities and that is exactly what Roddy Reef did in order to keep both his business and his workers from collapsing under the strain of an unstable economy. “My employees make up my business. Whatever they need is what I need.” Roddy Reef says when discussing some of the issues his own employees faced and might currently be facing during the pandemic. “Flexibility is key”, Roddy Reef says. “I can safely say that dealing with the pandemic situation has been a key exercise in faith, flexibility, and persistence.” When it comes to construction, no matter how many tests, it is safe to assume that Roddy Reef isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Ski Patrol Volunteer Roddy Reef Discusses the Benefits of Joining the National Ski Patrol

Ski patrol volunteer Roddy Reef discusses the benefits of joining the National Ski Patrol. 

The National Ski Patrol is a nonprofit membership association with a goal to keep mountain safe for skiers of all skill levels. The association is made up of more 30,000 members who are focused on providing safety and service to those in need on the mountains. Roddy Reef explains that ski patrolling can be just as beneficial for those involved in the organization as those skiers and snowboarders who are being helped.

“You may already know that volunteering provides just as many benefits for the volunteer as it does for the person its helping,” Roddy Reef said. “That’s honestly no different with ski patrol.”

Roddy Reef explained that being a ski patrol volunteer is an incredibly rewarding experience. He explained that he is thankful he’s able to help others in critical situations and lead them to safer ground. Roddy Reef is fully equipped with medical and rescue training, which he explains, not only helps the people he’s aiding, but allows him to help his family and others off the mountain as well. Roddy Reef is a Colorado native and has been skiing ever since he was 4 years old.

“My training to become a ski patrol volunteer has been a reward in itself,” Roddy Reef said. “Not only am I more prepared to help others on the mountain, I’m able to help my loved ones and others off the mountain too. I feel so much more prepared for many of the challenges life can present.”

Roddy Reef also explained that the camaraderie of the ski patrol force at his local mountain is something he looks forward to every season. He explained that his fellow volunteers feel more like brothers and sisters than anything else, and they’ve all worked together in some extremely difficult situations.

“There is no better feeling than serving your community in an environment you love,” Roddy Reef said. “I feel most at home on the mountain, and I’m so thankful I can do my part to make my local mountain a safer place for everyone involved.”

Roddy Reef explained that being a ski patrol volunteer gives him much more time on the mountain than he would normally have in a season. Major discounts on ski and snowboard gear and more than 900 other products on the NSP Online Store and Pro Deals Page result in drastically cheaper winter gear and lift tickets. These perks allow volunteers like Roddy Reef to save a lot of money on the expensive costs of skiing or snowboarding regularly throughout a season.

“I’m grateful to be able to spend so much time on the mountain every seasons, and being a ski patrol volunteer has given that to me,” Roddy Reef said. “I plan to keep giving back to my ski and snowboard community through ski patrol volunteer work as long as I possibly can.”