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Philanthropist Roddy Reef Discusses How Project Angel Heart Is Helping Coloradans in Need

Philanthropist Roddy Reef recently discussed how Project Angel Heart works to help Coloradans in need.

Project Angel Heart has been aiding Coloradans for nearly 30 years. The organization, founded in 1991, is aimed toward residents of the state who are battling life-threatening illnesses. Many times, these are people who are too sick to go to the grocery store, or they’re struggling to afford food alongside the cost of medication. Roddy Reef and his family are strong supporters of Project Angel Heart, and he recently discussed what the organization is currently doing to help those who are ill within the state of Colorado.

Roddy Reef explained that Project Angel Heart is run by a team of volunteers. They prepare and deliver meals that are medically-tailored to the patient’s needs. The organization features registered dietitians and professional chefs who prepare delicious, healthy meals from scratch. Once the meal leaves the chef’s hands, it is delivered by a volunteer to the person in need, completely free of charge.
In 2019 alone, Project Angel Heart delivered roughly 500,000 meals to 3,000 people in need in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas. The goal is to make the lives of those in need easier and less stressful. Another aspect is to provide them with meals that can actually help improve their health. Roddy Reef explained that the people being helped by the organization have reported less stress, superior health, and more energy than they felt before entering the program.
“Research has shown that those who receive food from Project Angel Heart are readmitted to the hospital less often and have lower healthcare costs,” Roddy Reef said.

Roddy Reef explained that this organization does far more than simply provide food to those in need. The goal is to provide food as medicine, and ultimately, help these people enjoy happier, healthier, stronger lives. It can be difficult for people with illnesses, like cancer, Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS, and more to understand exactly what their body needs to feel healthier and stronger. The expert dietitians at Project Angel Heart take that worry about the equation by specifically tailoring the meals to each particular illness.

“There are a lot of ways to give to this charity,” Roddy Reef said. “You can donate online, make recurring monthly donations, join the giving club, or help in a variety of other ways.”

Roddy Reef explained that Project Angel Heart can always use more assistance, and there are dozens of ways to give to the charity, ranging from sponsoring a single meal to creating your own fundraiser. Roddy Reef and his wife are regular meal sponsors, and he hopes that by informing the public about this one-of-a-kind charity, some others will feel compelled to give too. He explained that the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly increased the number of patients in need of medically-tailored meals, and your donation can help now more than ever.

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