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Philanthropist Roddy Reef Discusses the Annual Operation TBI Freedom Golf Tournament

Philanthropist Roddy Reef recently discussed the annual Operation TBI Freedom golf tournament and its community benefits.

Traumatic brain injuries can greatly affect the daily lives of those who experience them. Unfortunately, roughly 414,000 U.S. service members have reported traumatic brain injuries in the last 20 years. More than 185,000 of them are Veterans who use the VA for health care. Philanthropist Roddy Reef feels strongly about improving the lives of these veterans, and that’s why he’s a major sponsor of the Operation TBI Freedom charity golf tournament.

Also known as the Valor Golf Classic, this golf tournament put on by Operation TBI Freedom, provides thousands of dollars of assistance to Veterans struggling with service-related traumatic brain injuries. Roddy Reef explained that 100 percent of the proceeds from the tournament are used to directly benefit Veterans and their families.

Operation TBI Freedom is a Rocky Mountain Human Services program that was created to provide a variety of services to Veterans, military personnel, and their families. All of the veterans and military personnel aided by the program have been affected by a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Roddy Reef explained that the program supplies far more than medical care services. It helps advocate for Veterans’ health benefits and medical care while also offering housing solutions, counseling, family education, legal assistance, and more.

“This incredible program goes above and beyond in caring for Veterans who risked it all for our freedom,” Roddy Reef said. “Through the program, Veterans can receive mental health services, employment support, and even assistive technology. The goal is to make life easier for Veterans suffering from TBIs and their families.”

Roddy Reef added that the annual Valor Golf Classic is one that Colorado residents and visitors from around the country anticipate every year. The event provides a fun, lighthearted atmosphere to provide funding for those who may not enjoy as many lighthearted moments as often as they should.

“Returning to civilian life with a TBI can be extremely challenging,” Roddy Reef said. “This program strives to give our Veterans the independence they deserve.”

Roddy Reef explained that 7,200 Veterans return from combat with traumatic brain injuries in the state of Colorado alone. Those eligible for assistance from Operation TBI Freedom include Veterans who reside in Colorado, have served in a military branch on or following Sept. 11, 2001, and have a traumatic brain injury that occurred after the start of military service.

“I urge every who has even a little extra to spare to visit the website and donate,” Roddy Reef finished. “Every donation directly impacts the life of someone who suffered a TBI while defending our country.”

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