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Ski Patrol Volunteer Roddy Reef Discusses the Benefits of Joining the National Ski Patrol

Ski patrol volunteer Roddy Reef discusses the benefits of joining the National Ski Patrol. 

The National Ski Patrol is a nonprofit membership association with a goal to keep mountain safe for skiers of all skill levels. The association is made up of more 30,000 members who are focused on providing safety and service to those in need on the mountains. Roddy Reef explains that ski patrolling can be just as beneficial for those involved in the organization as those skiers and snowboarders who are being helped.

“You may already know that volunteering provides just as many benefits for the volunteer as it does for the person its helping,” Roddy Reef said. “That’s honestly no different with ski patrol.”

Roddy Reef explained that being a ski patrol volunteer is an incredibly rewarding experience. He explained that he is thankful he’s able to help others in critical situations and lead them to safer ground. Roddy Reef is fully equipped with medical and rescue training, which he explains, not only helps the people he’s aiding, but allows him to help his family and others off the mountain as well. Roddy Reef is a Colorado native and has been skiing ever since he was 4 years old.

“My training to become a ski patrol volunteer has been a reward in itself,” Roddy Reef said. “Not only am I more prepared to help others on the mountain, I’m able to help my loved ones and others off the mountain too. I feel so much more prepared for many of the challenges life can present.”

Roddy Reef also explained that the camaraderie of the ski patrol force at his local mountain is something he looks forward to every season. He explained that his fellow volunteers feel more like brothers and sisters than anything else, and they’ve all worked together in some extremely difficult situations.

“There is no better feeling than serving your community in an environment you love,” Roddy Reef said. “I feel most at home on the mountain, and I’m so thankful I can do my part to make my local mountain a safer place for everyone involved.”

Roddy Reef explained that being a ski patrol volunteer gives him much more time on the mountain than he would normally have in a season. Major discounts on ski and snowboard gear and more than 900 other products on the NSP Online Store and Pro Deals Page result in drastically cheaper winter gear and lift tickets. These perks allow volunteers like Roddy Reef to save a lot of money on the expensive costs of skiing or snowboarding regularly throughout a season.

“I’m grateful to be able to spend so much time on the mountain every seasons, and being a ski patrol volunteer has given that to me,” Roddy Reef said. “I plan to keep giving back to my ski and snowboard community through ski patrol volunteer work as long as I possibly can.”

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